Thinking Styles "In Light of Sternberg's Theory" Prevailing Among the Students of Tafila Technical University and Its Relationship with Some Variables
Dr. Jihad Turki

The study aimed to recognize The Thinking styles "in light of Sternberg's theory" prevailing among the students of Tafila Technical University and its relationship with some Variables. The sample consisted of (800) students (male and female) chosen in stratified, clustered and random method. The researcher used a list of methods for Sternberg and Wagner (1991) for the instrument of the study. The results indicated that the common thinking styles came mid in general , it also indicated that there are no statistically differences on level of ( α = 0.05 ) attributed to the variable of gender in all the styles except the legislative and judicial style, the differences came to the favor of males. The differences of the executive style came to the favor of females.

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