Constructing Gender Identities in Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Two Short Stories
Professor Muhammad Saeed Shaikh, Ubaidullah Khan

The study under view aims to highlight the issue of social construction of male and female gender identities in text. It discusses the issue with reference to two short stories by a Pakistani writer Haris Khalique and an Indian writer Rohini Kohli selected from their collection of stories titled Unfinished Histories. Since the texts of writers from a particular culture exhibit cultural and societal notions related to different areas of life, this study tries to highlight the construction of social identities of different genders, that is, male and female genders and tries to help understand the notions of malehood and femalehood as they are prevalent in the families of Indo-Pak background, and how they are perpetuated through text. The research method followed by this study is Critical Discourse Analysis.

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