Strategic Agility and Competitive Performance in the Nigerian Telecommunication Industry: An Empirical Investigation
Ade Oyedijo

This paper examines the relationship between strategic agility and competitive performance using data generated from nine (9) firms in Nigeria’s telecommunication industry. A five-point Likert type scale based on 21-items derived from existing literature was used to measure and assess the location of the sampled telecommunication firms on different dimensions of strategic agility. Using a multiple-informant survey, respondents’ rating on all the strategic agility items were summed up and averaged to obtain a strategic agility index for each participating firm. Strategic agility data were generated from the questionnaire that was completed by members of the Top Management Team (TMT) of each company. Data on profit growth, sales revenue, financial strength, operating efficiency and performance stability were collected from the firms’ records. Results from the analysis showed a significant relationship between strategic agility and competitive performance. It was found that strategic agility influences the competitive performance of telecommunication firms in Nigeria (with a coefficient of 3.419). It was also found that strategic agility has a significant impact on and is a good predictor of competitive performance (R2 = 0.610).

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