“Embracing the Social Media Bandwagon” –A Study of Micro Firms
Tariq Muhammad, Ghaffar Abdul

In terms of social media adoption the paper indicate that micro businesses see social media as a great marketing equalizer or opportunity in which they can compete on a level playing field with their larger counterparts. This study reveals that social media is in infancy stages of its development even in European countries as people though they are present on the social media landscape, but have not yet, thought of it as a mainstream marketing channel. Given, the small population of Sweden, it has also been showed that micro businesses are keeping good customer relationship with customers via word-of-mouth marketing which is instrumental for success. At the same time, this finding does not indicate any clear picture as to which form of marketing is doing better for these businesses. The research suggests that that micro firms in Sverige need to adopt a wait and see approach for the time being and start preparing to capitalize on social media soon when it becomes ripe and ready for marketing.

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