Action Research: Promise and Potential for Improving Teacher Professional Practice and the Learning Organisation
Govinda Ishwar Lingam

Today’s teachers, though pressed to perform better, are, paradoxically, given limited opportunities for professional upgrading. This paper reports on a study of a sample of teachers who completed the University of the South Pacific’s primary degree program in the Bachelor of Education (In-service). Through a survey questionnaire the teachers were asked about their perceptions of an action research course that formed part of this upgrading program. The analysis indicates that they were satisfied with the coverage of the course and found the course useful in their professional work. On this basis, this study proposes an action research strategy teachers could employ to improve their practice, thus delivering higher quality educational service to their clients. Empirical evidence from the available literature supports this position; application of the rubrics of action research can make a difference in improving teachers’ professional practice. The study points to the need for the inclusion of an action research based course in all teacher education programs and suggests a place for inquiry into the impact of other courses in such programmes on the teachers’ world of work.

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