Students’ Perceptions Related to Equality of Chance and Opportunity in Secondary Education According to School Types
Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÖZBAŞ

Equality of chance and opportunity in secondary education is about availing students of educational services according to school types towards their needs. In this research, it has been aimed to determine exam-conditioned Anatolian, Anatolian teaching and science high school and exam-unconditioned regular high school students’ perceptions related to the equality of chance and opportunity in education. The research is a benchmark study in descriptive and predictive model in which student perceptions are specified according to school types. During the research process, “Equality of Opportunity and Chance Scale” was developed by the researcher and approved as multi-perspective, valid and reliable because of performed analyses. Study population includes 4788 students from Anatolian, Anatolian teaching and science high schools connected with province of Erzincan central district in 2011-2012 Academic Year; and study sample includes 990 students chosen with random sampling method from this population. According to research findings, exam-conditioned Anatolian, Anatolian teaching and science high school students get more qualified educational service during the elementary education process than exam-unconditioned regular high school students. Research results show that regular high school students cannot benefit from secondary education in accordance with their educational needs.

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