Business Process Quantification and Modeling – Linguistic Approach – Several Theoretical Aspects
RN Dr. Jozef Stašák

This paper deals with theoretical aspects closely related to business process quantification and modeling based on linguistic approach. It contains an explanation of appropriate terms and principles concerned to relations between business strategy objectives and target and main business processes running within actual firm or company, while business process horizontal and vertical structure conceptual modeling plays a role of great importance there. On the other hand, the business strategy objectives together with appropriate business processes are described via logical sentences written in a natural language and may also contain a set of images. Therefore, the principles concerned to semantic text and image analysis with the use of fuzzy set apparatus, which enables creating of linguistic variables and functions are important for linguistic approach to business process quantification and modeling too. However, an example of simple business process linguistic modeling and a generation of Business process diagram based on previous linguistic variables create an integral part of the paper as well.

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