An Assessment of the Threats and Opportunities of Globalization on Building Practice in Nigeria
Mbamali, I.; Okotie, A.J.

Organized building practice in Nigeria which began in the 1930s is still saddled with a lot of inherent challenges ranging from inadequate human, material and equipment resources development, to non availability (or poor implementation) of uniform regulations, guidelines and standards for the building processes. Globalization, with its attendant free flow of goods and services, has brought further challenges to the already troubled arena of building practice in Nigeria. This paper assessed the threats and opportunities of globalization on Nigeria’s building practice. It was effected by means of literature review and field survey in which perceptions of relevant building industry professionals on identified indices of globalization threat and opportunities; were analyzed along with secondary data obtained from relevant institutions in Nigeria. The results show that all the assessed indices obtained either the ‘high’ or ‘very high’ relative importance index (RII) ratings. The secondary data revealed debit balance of payment for construction services and materials; and increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) over the years (3.96 – 12.70 billion Naira from 2000 to 2008). Conclusion was reached that globalization has significant effects on building practice in Nigeria, with evident threats and opportunities which industry players should recognize and .adequately respond to, for survival.

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