The Concept of Freedom in the Quran
Professor Abdul Sattar Kassem

This paper provides new thoughts about the concept of freedom in Islam, but based mainly on the Quranic verses. Methodologically, it adopts the content analysis approach. It argues that freedom in the Quran is natural, and it supersedes any earthly laws and instructions. The Quran doesn’t order governments to allow for freedom because natural built in power is above legislation, and need not to be asserted by law. Freedom in the Quran means the unity of the objective and the subjective, the social and the natural, the individual and the plural, and the teachings in the Quran are in harmony with natural innate powers, and lead finally to self-fulfillment on the individual and social levels. And those who enact laws that contradict the natural will face trouble soon or later. Man has the right to choose his/her faith, and express him/her self by different means. She/he has the right to introduce her/his thoughts and bring out any evidence seen fit. She/he has the right to organize, and receive the information needed for forming educated opinions and decisions. Suppression and repression aren’t acceptable by Islamic teachings.

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