Impact of “Irkoy Gomni” Micro-Credit on Poverty Alleviation among Cattle Fatteners in Kollo LGA of Tillabery Region Niger Republic
M., A. Maikasuwa; A. L. Ala; Mamoudou Daouda

This study was conducted in Kollo Local Government Area of Tillabery region Niger Republic, it examined the impact of “Irkoy Gomni” micro credit on poverty alleviation among rural cattle fatteners. It focused among other things on poverty status, access to basic services, assets acquisition of beneficiary of the scheme and a set of non beneficiaries. A total of 100 beneficiaries and 100 non beneficiaries were selected using purposive and random sampling techniques. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test and Foster Greer and Thorbecke weighed poverty index. Findings showed that poverty was still high among respondents (69.5%). Beneficiaries had higher standards of living as compared to non beneficiaries. It was also observed that the incidence of poverty, poverty intensity and severity were low among the beneficiaries (64%,25%,and 13%) respectively as compared to the non beneficiaries (75%,33%and 18%) respectively. Value of total assets acquisition was significantly higher for beneficiaries than non beneficiaries (p<0.01) It may thus be concluded that “Irkoy Gomni” micro-credit scheme has increased wealth and reduced the incidence of the poverty among beneficiaries. It is therefore recommended that the “Irkoy Gomni scheme should be expanded so that more cattle fatteners could benefit from the scheme.

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