Impact Evaluation of the Bashy Bus HIVPrevention Mobile Clinic in Jamaica
Jimmy Kazaara Tindigarukayo

The Bashy Bus is a mobile clinic that provides HIV/AIDS/STI1 information, skill-based counseling and services to vulnerable adolescents in Jamaica. Since 2006, thebus has been operating in four communities in Jamaica; chosen on the basis of high HIV/STI prevalence levels. Three other communities, characterized by a high proportion of adolescents showing signs of being sexually active, were also chosen to constitute a control group. Both the experimental and the control communities were surveyed in 2006 and 2008, using the same survey instrument, to establish the impact of the program over a two year period.The overall results were that adolescents surveyed from experimental communities in 2008 showed an improvement in comparison with those surveyed in 2006, implying that the impact of the program, over the two year period, was positive.

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