Collectors’ Buying Behavior: A Model Based On Attitudes and Market Heterogeneity
Alicia Blanco-González, Enrique Martín-Armario, Carmelo Mercado-Idoeta

The purpose of this study is to analyze the behavioral aspects of collecting behavior. Following a review of the literature on collecting and related areas, the study examines two alternative theoretical models of collectors’ behavior: (i) the ‘Theory of Planned Behavior’ and its more recent modifications; and (ii) the ‘Theory of Strength-Related Properties of. Utilizing both models the study identifies several market segments of collectors—each with distinctive purchasing behaviors—among a sample of the population of Spain. The study also determines the number of collectors in Spain and the most appropriate behavioral model for describing their activities. The implications of the results for marketing strategies within each segment of the collectibles market are examined in detail.

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