Intelligent Magnetic Shoes to Enable Astronauts Use Treadmills in Microgravity for Health Improvement
Amir Hashem Shahidi Bonjar

Humans face health problems in microgravity. Extended space travels has adverse effects on astronauts because their heart function, bone density, muscles, blood flow, red blood cell production and the immune system are usually weakened. For well being, throughout their mission they need to be supplemented by strenuous workouts that increase mechanical stress on their bones and muscles such as running on treadmills. Unfortunately, it is not possible to walk or run on treadmills in microgravity as we do on Earth. Intelligent Magnetic Shoes (IMS) is a proposed new device which would enable astronauts to walk or run on treadmills for well being and improvement of their health. IMS helps in accessing on-Earth like movements on treadmills. IMS would be built of electronically inducible magnets incorporated in sport shoes. The treadmill conveyor strip is incorporated with iron metal strips to adsorb the magnetically charged IMS. The induction of magnetism in IMS should be managed by computerized intelligent program to attain modulation for versatile (slow/fast, short/long) paces and maximum comfort of the astronaut. Through the process of walking, IMS would be turned on in the leg that astronaut has in contact with conveyor strip, and it is off in the lifted leg. Via the intelligent software, start and end time, duration and magnitude of magnetic power enforcement (preferably similar to 1 g pull) is adjusted with the astronaut’s paces on the treadmill. IMS, appropriate treadmills and all other necessary components are applicable in all present space stations such as International Space Station (ISS). Implementation of IMS engineered setup would be of a great help to improve humans health through his long-duration future voyages in outer space.

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