A Case Study of Human Resource Practices in a Private Sector Pharmacy in Trinidad and Its Comparison to the Best Practice Model
Sandeep MAHARAJ, Shalimar ALI, Alia HUSAIN, Dushala PRASHAD, Cassie JOSEPH, Sureshwar PANDEY

Objective: To conduct a case study on the Human Resource Practices in a Pharmacy and compare their practice to the Best Practice Model.

Method: An interview was conducted, with respect to the Human Resource Practice employed at a private sector pharmacy. A list of the questions used as a guide during the interview is attached in Appendix 1. The overall response rate was 100%.

Results: The results obtained were summarized in a table. It showed at the pharmacy under study adopts 6 of the 10 best practices: Providing a Safe, Healthy and Happy Workplace, Providing Performance linked Bonuses, Utilization of 360 Degree Performance Management Feedback System, and Utilization of a Fair Evaluation System for Employees, Highlighting performers and Employing Open house discussions and feedback mechanisms. The practices which are not carried out by the pharmacy include an Open book management style, knowledge sharing, reward ceremonies and surprising employees with unexpected rewards.

Conclusion: From the interview it can be deduced that the pharmacy employs most of the Best practices listed, with the results being reflected by its acclaimed customer service. However it can be noted that to improve their H.R. Management they should attempt to utilize all the practices listed.

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