Spatio -Temporal Variation of Patronage: Cross River State Carnival Scenario
Eja, Eja.1.; Ajake, Anim.O.; Ojikpong , Benedict.E.

This paper present the impact of tourist in the sustainability of the hotel industry with specific reference to Calabar carnival. The study was conducted using secondary data obtained from the various hotels. The study revealed that tourist inflow during the Calabar carnival have contributed greatly towards the growth of the hotel industry in Calabar. This result was evidence in the tested hypothesis which shows a calculated F-value of 2.40 and a low tabulated F-value of 1.74 at .05 level of significant. Therefore, the Cross River State Tourism Bureau and other stakeholders in the industry must provide a framework that would keep the season longer and keep more services and programmes that would guarantee tourist safety and comfort in Calabar.

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