Nexus between Working Poor and Economic Growth in Some Selected ECOWAS Countries: A Theoretical Exposition
Egwaikhide Christian Imoudu, Enoma Anthony

This paper discusses the link between working poor and income growth in some selected ECOWAS states. Unlike similar studies that focus on pro-poor growth in an economy, this study highlights the basic issues in wealth creation by drawing attention to the fact that poverty can impact the growth of the economy. Relying on some of the principles developed by Kimenyi (2006), the study concludes that policies should be effectively targeted in order to identify the capabilities of the poor with the view of enhancing them to contribute to the growth process in an economy. In this sense, this study advocates the need for the informal sector to be formalized while micro finance institutions should be made to be more viable in order to increase their total credit to the working poor. Finally, for these policies to be affective government must ensure a workable partnership between poverty reduction and the growth of the economy.

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