Role of SMEs in Botswana
Nugi Nkwe

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to discuss the role SMEs play in the development of countries such as Botswana, which are still developing. SMEs are playing a major role but their contribution has not be discussed or well researched in Botswana. It focuses on what SMEs contribute and what barriers are there which make them not to contribute at their optimal .A lot of research on SMEs contribution is on developed countries and developing countries are still lagging behind.
Design/methodology/approach – This is essentially a general review paper on the contribution SMEs have made and can make to the development the economy of Botswana.
Findings –SMEs role in the development of Botswana cannot be ignored. The contributions SMEs are making, prove that they are a major area to be researched to help the SMEs themselves and the policy makers to encourage or cultivate the environment to enable SMEs to do more
Originality/value – This is an original piece of work aimed at raising awareness of the value of SMEs to the development of a developing country like Botswana.

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