Modelling for Planning High Complexity Environment Based in Knowledge
Selma Regina Martins Oliveira, S.R.M. Oliveira, Roberto Sbragia, R. Sbragia

The present paper aims to contribute toward the Planning High Complexity Environment. Therefore, a modeling for the decision of the building up and the management of the innovation value chain (VC) in product development process (PDP) has been developed based on the Knowledge Theory, that considers a sequence of systematic procedures in the following phases:: Phase 1: Modelling the needs of information in Value Chain Management; and Phase 2: Determination of the Critical Knowledge in Value Chain Management. Several support instruments were used in the modeling elaboration in order to reduce subjectivity in the results: psychometric scales - Thurstone’s Law of Comparative Judgment (LCJ), multi-criteria Compromise Programming, Electre III, and Promethee II; Artificial Neural Networking (ANN); Neurofuzzy networks. The results produced are satisfactory, validating the proposed procedure for VCM.

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