The Employment of Metacognitive Strategies to Comprehend Texts Among Pre-University Students in Brunei Darussalam
Dr Yahya Othman, Noradinah Hj Jaidi

When reading, students often face problems in understanding a particular text that they have read. The harder the text, the harder it will be for them to understand the text. They would often use various strategies that match with what they think the needs of the text that they have read would be. Therefore, this descriptive study is intended to identify the use of metacognitive strategies in pre-university students’ reading. A questionnaire based on the Reading Comprehension Inventory Strategy was used to collect the data. In order to obtain the research data, a total of 53 pre-university students in Brunei Darussalam were chosen as the research sample. The research findings showed that the respondents often would often use reading strategies such as making marks, checking, seeking help, and writing a summary. The practice of using metacognitive strategies among the research sample when they came across the problem of understanding a text, showed that they would be more focussed on strategies that involve the use of thinking skills. The findings also showed the employment of different strategy preferences in understanding texts.

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