Customers Service Strategy and Commercial Banks Survival in a Post-Consolidation Era in Nigeria
Appah Ebimobowei, Banabo Ekankumo

The mergers and acquisition in the banking industry has come and gone leaving the total number of banks to sixteen from eighty nine as at 31st June, 2012. The consolidation exercise will therefore alter and redefine the nature of competition in the industry. Meaning that banks will compete against each other through developing new corporate images, new logos, and promise of better customer care in addition to new products to the existing ones. Attention will now be shifted to the quality of customer services that banks will develop and provide for customers. Though these services are relatively available, this study is aimed at identifying the extent of service extras that commercial banks are providing during the post consolidated era. Among other things, this study has x-rayed customer services strategy formation of financial institutions. In doing this, a total of 213 questionnaires were distributed and analyzed from customers in First Bank, Zenith Bank, United Bank for Africa, Union Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank and Diamond Bank. The study adopted econometric models as statistical tools to analyze data collected and it was discovered that customers are in support of the consolidation exercise and that consolidation has improve the extent of services provided by banks. It was therefore recommended, among other things, that banks should adopt full implementation of the marketing concept, and banks should ensure no communication gap between customers and itself through adequate feedback and complaint resolution mechanism.

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