Architectural, Urban Digital Design and Spatial Simulation Tools in Digital Cities Cartography: Contribution in Spatial Design and Perception
Stelios Kouzeleas, Olympia Mammou

The need of the ever-evolving modern society for a holistic approach to the description and understanding of space, is one of the main reasons that the tools of digital architectural, urban design and spatial simulation penetrate more and more in the field of digital cartography forming core theoretical and practical study. The simulation architecture town planning and urban environment through digital cities offer a high degree of information analysis and presentation of data by creating a modern structure and complexity in multimedia digital cartography. The scope of this study is the analysis of use of penetration and influence of architectural urban design and simulation of digital tools in Digital Cartography through analysis and categorization of digital mapping in digital cities on the Internet (architectural, town planning, thematic, multimedia, scenarios, etc.). The work deals with the contribution of these custom tools in Digital Cartography, in urban and spatial planning and the impact on the spatial perception and analysis.

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