Comparative Study of Haematological and Cardiorespiratory Parameters in Women Exposed to Biomass or Mixed Fuels
Maryam B. Akor-Dewu, Joseph O. Ayo, Andrew R. Collins, M.M. Mabrouk, Alexander B. Adelaiye, Fatima L. Ciroma

Wood-burning stoves have been a popular cooking and heating source for decades, but unfortunately they can emit substantial quantities of pollutants to outdoor and indoor air. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of biomass fuel and mixed fuels on cardiovascular and haematological indices of women exposed to the combustion products of these fuels. Blood samples were collected from 52 women who used biomass fuel and from 77 women who used mixed fuels. There was no significant difference between the groups for most parameters except for cardiovascular, peak expiratory flow rate and mean corpuscular volume, which were significantly higher in women that use mixed fuels. It has been reported that the effect of wood smoke increases with years of exposure and level of exposure, as well as with the type of biomass fuel used.

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