Effects of Aluminium Chloride Exposure on the Cerebral Cortex of Adult Wistar Rats Were Not Transferable o the Offspring \
Buraimoh A.A., Samuel Adeniyi Ojo, Joseph Olajide Hambolu, Sunday Samuel Adebisi

Aluminium is presents in many manufactured foods, medicines and is also added to drinking water for purification purposes.The cerebral cortex is a sheet of neural tissue that is outer-most to the cerebrum. This study was conducted in order to evaluate the possible effects that aluminium chloride exposure could have on the histology of cerebral cortex of wistar rats’ offspring.The wistar rats were divided into five groups; group I was the control while groups II-V were given various concentrations of aluminium chloride for eight weeks; after which they were allowed to mate and their offspring (litters) were breed for another three months.The offspring were humanely sacrificed; brain was removed, fixed in bouin fluid, processed and stained with Hirano-Zimmerman’s stain.Our observations showed normal appearances of the cerebral cortex of offspring.We therefore conclude that effects of aluminium chloride exposure on the cerebral cortex of adult wistar rats were not transferable to the offspring.

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