Measurement of the Tribology Characteristics in Sliding Joint
Ing. Eva Labašová

Submitted work is a contribution to assesment of the process of friction and wear. The contribution is focused on the description of the wear tests, which were realised on the test machine Tribotestor M' 89 for a pair ring-ring. Tribological characteristics as a coefficient of friction, temperature and roughness of the surface for the test rings made of brass are analysed in the paper. While testing following input variables were set: the sliding speed (0.8 m s-1), the time duration of the test (2400 s) and load (50 - 500 N). During the run up (first 600 s of the test), the value of coefficient of friction sharply decreased from 0.55 to size 0.09 and then it stabilized at 0.09 till the end. While individual testing value of the temperature changed on average by 3.52 ° C.

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