Clinical Traits of Temporal Lobe Personality in the Inhabitants of North Siberia
Tsezar Korolenko, Natalya Dmitrieva, Tatyana Spiks

The clients with the traits of temporal lobe personality were assessed in relatively isolated regions of North Siberia. The traits of temporal lobe personality included vivid imagination, immersion in fancies, daydreaming and dreams with the experience of flying, nightmares, oversensitivity to smell, fascination with the fire, night enuresis, dissociation, sticky emotional states in the forms of dreamy depression and dysphoria, narcissistic traits, and high creativity with tendency to express themselves in art activities (composing verses or short stories, drawing and inventing emotionally exciting narratives). Alone Time addictive behavior was revealed. The possibility of a mistaken diagnosis of schizophrenia is emphasized, especially, in periods of temporary appearance of pathological beliefs with delusion-like contents.

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