Water Manager Perceptions of Stakeholder Participation and Influence on Water Management Decisions in Limpopo and Luvuvhu-letaba Water Management Areas of South Africa
Khathutshelo A. Tshikolomo, Azwihangwisi E. Nesamvuni, Sue Walker, Aldo Stroebel

The study was conducted in Limpopo and Luvuvhu-Letaba Water Management Areas (WMAs) of South Africa to investigate the perceptions of municipal water managers on stakeholder participation and influence on water management decisions. The perceived stakeholders were Department of Water Affairs (DWA), Limpopo Department of Agriculture (LDA), District Municipalities (DMs), Local Municipalities (LMs), Water Users Associations (WUAs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Stakeholders discussed water policy, infrastructure, allocations, charges, and use. For broad resource decisions, DWA was more influential (rating=4.1), municipalities were influential (DMs=2.6, LMs=2.5) and CBOs and WUAs were less influential (1.9). On specific topics, DWA was more influential on policy (3.7) and influential on allocations (2.6), DMs were influential on infrastructure (2.6) while LMs were influential on water charges (2.9) and uses (2.7). Community based stakeholders (WUAs and CBOs) should be strengthened and capacitated to influence water decisions.

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