How Perception of Benefits And Property Ownership Influence Environmental Regulations Compliance by Micro and Small Enterprises in the Manufacturing Sector in Nairobi, Kenya
Jane Gacoga Mputhia, Elegwa Mukulu, Joseph Keriko

This research paper examines how perception of benefits and property ownership influence compliance with environmental regulations (ERs) by micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in the manufacturing sector in Nairobi City, Kenya. A sample of 10% (36 MSEs) was chosen by stratified random sampling from a target population of 358 MSEs. Data was collected by questionnaires administered to the MSEs supplemented by interviews and observation schedule. The study established that majority of the MSEs perceived compliance with ERs as beneficial while non-ownership of business premises resulted in unwillingness to implement work place compliance measures due to lack of security of tenure. The study recommended enhancement of perceptions of benefits of ERs compliance through interventions by key actors and reduction of premises costs through increased property ownership by MSEs by availing soft loans, establishing industrial processing zones and industrial parks and encouraging MSEs partnerships on shared business premises.

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