The Relevance of English Language Syllabus for Commercial Bank Workers in Nigeria: An Empirical Study
Dr. (Mrs) Florence Olufunke ADEWUMI, Dr. (Mrs) Oluwakemi Ayodeji OWOYEMI

English language enjoys an appreciably high status in Nigeria. It is the official language, the language of law, government, education and international communication. It is also the language of the banking industry in Nigeria. It has however been observed that banks’ training programmes incorporate little or no teaching of any aspect of the English language. This paper is therefore designed to investigate the English Language needs for Nigerian bankers as a way of proposing a syllabus framework based on the needs identified as the bankers’ priorities. The main instrument for the study was a researcher-designed questionnaire. The major findings from this study showed that bankers perceived English language as very important to their professional duties and functions.

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