Increasing Firing Accuracy of 2A46 Tank Cannon Built-in T-72 MBT
Jan Tvarozek, Monika Gullerova

The paper is devoted to possibilities of increasing 2A46 tank cannon firing accuracy built-in T-72 MBT, i.e. decreasing its technical dispersion. The paper deals with the modifications performed which were designed to retain its fighting capacity on the potential battlefield of today and enhance its operational time. In the process of redesigning the tank cannon, we applied the muzzle oscillation process theory. By carrying out several modernization steps, including seating and guidance of the cannon, we achieved sufficient increase of the firing accuracy at the target, mainly by using the first-shot-kill method. The upgraded cannon serial marking is 2A46 MS (prototype marking was YA1). In the paper, we present modernization steps of the cannon and apply the muzzle oscillation theory in order to decrease technical dispersion during firing at the defined target. Firing characteristics for the original and modernized tank cannon (TC) are listed, too. From the parameters we can see that redesigning the original cannon led to substantial decrease of effects of forces and moments on the barrel in its seating. In addition, instantaneous general muzzle oscillation in the moment when the shell leaves the barrel was decreased. As a result was, firing accuracy was achieved.

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