Geoelectrical Investigation of Groundwater Potential of Dawakin Tofa Local Government Area of Kano State Nigeria
Abubakar Yusuf Ismail, Auwal Lawal Yola

Over forty Vertical Electrical Sounding survey were carried out in Dawakin Tofa local government area of Kano state. Dynamic water level from open wells was also collected and was used as a guide for the chose of the electrode spread distance. The schlumberger array with a maximum electrode spread of 100 m was employed in all the points. Results from the sounding data indicates that the area is generally underlain by five geoelectric or geologic section which include Lateritic top soil or Lateritic sand, Silty sand or Sandy clay, Weathered basement or Clayey sand, Fractured basement and Fresh basement. Based on the result obtained the fractured and the weathered basement makes the aquiferous zone within the study area. The resistivities of these zones varies from 7.3 to 772 m with an average value 178 m, while the thickness varies from a value of 1.66 to 28 m with an average value of 14.33 m. Depth to this zone varies from 5 to 31 m with an average value of 16 m. The study also recommended the use of 80 m minimum electrode spread for future electrical survey to be used in the study area.

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