Rafin Rewa Warm Spring, A New Geothermal Discovery
M.L.Garba, E. Kurowska, K. Schoeneich, I. Abdullahi

Rafin Rewa warm Spring is an ascending perennial spring that yields up to 0.1 l/s, flows from an unconfined aquifer, made up of saprolite, mostly gritty clays and clayey sands derived from the Weathering of migmatite on the Precambrian crystalline rocks of Northern Nigeria. The water is fresh and alkaline, with a mineralization of 318 mg/l. The predominant cation is sodium, with 88.51 mg/l, while the predominant anion, bicarbonate is 207.0 mg/l. A gas with the smell of hydrogen sulphide bubbles and emanates from the spring as its water ascend to the surface. The water and gas are of endogenic origin, flowing from depth not less than 700 metres below ground level, thus making the spring the only known occurrence of juvenile water in Nigeria.

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