Socio-Demographic and Obstetric Factors Associated With Depression During Pregnancy in Turkey
Nuriye Buyukkayaci Duman

Aim: This research which aimed at determining the effect of socio-demographic and obstetric factors during pregnancy period on depression levels of the pregnant women was a descriptive research. Material and Methods: The population of the research was made up of 160 pregnant women who were selected using simple random sampling method and Pregnant Women of Çorum State Hospital between March 2011 and June 2011. The data were assessed using percentages, arithmetic means, standard deviations, Student T test and One Way ANOVA test. Results: It was found out in the study that most of the women experienced depression (75.0 %). However; a statistically significant difference was found between mean depression scores and family type, number of the pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, desired pregnancy and harmony between spouses. Conclusion: There was a positive correlation between some socio-demographic and obstetric factors and depression during pregnancy.

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