Challenges Faced By Peer Counselors in Their Effort to Effect Behavior Change in Secondary Schools in Maara District, Kenya
Pamela Gacheri Marangu, Dr. David N. Bururia, Dr. Sr. Teresia Njonge

Peer counseling has popularly been accepted as an important contributor of behavior change among learners in learning institutions. Peer counseling utilizes role- playing and modeling to change behavior. The study assessed the contribution of peer counseling skills like mentoring, role modeling and academic tutoring in student behavior change in Maara District Kenya. The study established that peer counselors are important in mentoring other students as they address issues related to the youth. Most peer counselors are academically above average making them effective academic tutors. Peers counselors are further more established in many schools giving them the opportunity to model good behavior. The study recommends that peer counselors require adequate orientation on their roles like basic counseling skills.

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