Factors Influencing High Rate of Commercial Motorcycle Accidents in Nigeria
Ogunmodede, Thomas. Ayinla; Adio Gboyega; Ebijuwa, Adefunke Sarah; Oyetola, Solomon Olusegun; Akinola, John Olugbenga

This research paper focused on factors influencing high rate of commercial motorcycle accidents in Oyo State, Nigeria. The purpose is to create awareness on how occurrence of accidents among commercial motorcyclist can be brought to a minimal level through the use of information. The total number of four hundreds and fifty commercial motorcycle riders was considered for the study; the same numbers were returned and found valid for analysis. The findings from this research work showed that demographic information has significant influence on the causes of road accidents among commercial motorcycle riders in Nigeria. Among factors that significantly contributing to increasing rate of commercial motorcycle accidents are overspeeding, wrong overtaking, bad roads, sudden mechanical defects, alcoholic intake etc. It was discovered that commercial motorcycle riders do not comply with Road Safety Highway Codes. The paper therefore provides valuable information on causes of accidents especially among commercial motorcyclist in Nigeria and how those causal factors can be managed

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