Review of Offshore Wind Energy Assessment and Siting Methodologies for Offshore Wind Energy Planning in Malaysia
Ho Lip-Wah, Shaharin Ibrahim, SutarjiKasmin, Che Musa Che Omar, Ahmad Makmom Abdullah

Malaysia is new to offshore wind energy. There are a few studies and experiments carried out to gauge the wind potential of Malaysia. The exploration of wind energy as one of the renewable sources has gained more attention as the fossil fuel problems of the country become more serious both economically and environmentally. This paper presented numerous wind assessment methods and argues for offshore wind energy potential in Malaysia as well as the method that is suitable and available for future research. A quick reference was made to QuikSCAT and WindSat to highlight the offshore wind potential of Malaysia. An annual wind speed of 6-7m/s at 50m and the existence of more than 10 knots at 10m throughout the year should be a good incentive for further research.

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