Two Channels of Learning: Transformative Learning and Creative Learning
Kuan Chen Tsai

For adult learners, it is important to make meaning of their lives through a critical worldview to better construe the world around them. Therefore, transformative learning posits a better position to explain adult learning processes where adults construct and interpret their experiences in order to validate their fidelity and to make appropriate decisions.Another aspect of the practice of meaningful and useful learning in the adult classroom is creative learning. Its main objective is to help adults open themselves to new possibilities, to play with ideas, to experiment, and to modulate their reactions to fast-changing environments. The purpose of this article is to portray that the implementation of transformative and creative learning is an admirable approach to offer potential personal growth among adult learners. First, the nature of transformative and creative learning is discussed. Then the barriers and practice of two learning strategies in classrooms are explored. Finally, implications and suggestions are provided.

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