Structural and Stress Conditions of Graphite Cast Irons after Intense Heating and Controlled Cooling
Jan Tvarozek, Maria Lickova

The paper addresses the impact of heating rate on treatment of selected graphite cast irons and their properties after isothermal austempering and the applied type of heat treatment Moreover, the paper aims to correlate the type of heat treatment and the structural and stress conditions in lamellar graphite cast iron (LGCI) and spheroidal graphite cast iron (SGCI). LGCI and SGCI heat treatment was designed to receive a hard, abrasive and tough surface layer after surface induction marquenching while maintaining the original microstructure of the core of the material. To achieve this goal, we applied induction marquenching and evaluated the experimental material in line with the following criteria: to determine hardness and toughness (KCO), microscopic stress values and assess the experimental material in terms of metallographic microfractographic analysis.

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