Evaluation of Physical Parameters of Various Solid Minerals within Southwestern Nigeria Using Direct Experimental Laboratory Methods
B. S. Badmus, O. T. Olurin, S.A. Ganiyu, O. T. Oduleye

Physical parameters of some solid minerals spread across the southwestern, Nigeria: quartz, gneiss, feldspar, limestone, kaolin, mica schist, pegmatite with mica and phosphate were analyzed using direct laboratory approach of resistivity, permeability, bulk density and porosity. Core samplers of three major shapes (cubic, cylinder and bar) were used for resistivity measurement at different direct voltages of 3V, 5V and 8V. The results obtained from these analyses were comparable with standard resistivity values in literature. Results from permeability and porosity revealed kaolin clay to be highly permeable with higher degree of porosity when compared with phosphate, gneiss, quartz and feldspar. However, kaolin clay has the least bulk density of 235.4Kg/m3 while phosphate revealed the highest value of 360.15Kg/m3.

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