The Intelligence's Level of Gifted and Ordinary Students in Seventh and Eighth Grades, in Accordance with the Raven's Advanced Matrices Test in Irbid Governorate in Relation to Some Variables (Sex, Mothers' Qualification)
Dr. Habis Awamleh, Dr. Jamal Abdel Fattah Al Assaf, Dr. Iman Said Borini, Mr. Ahmed Sultan Mohammad Bani Abdul Rahman

This study aimed at identifying the intelligence's level of gifted and ordinary students in the seventh and eighth grades in accordance with Raven's matrices test in the governorate of Irbid. In addition, it aimed to investigate the differences regarded to the variables of study (sex, mothers' academic qualification) on the intelligence's levels among gifted and average students within classes allocated in Irbid governorate. The study sample consisted of 80 students from the seventh and eighth grades, 40 males and 40 females, who were enrolled in King Abdullah II Schools for Excellence and two schools affiliated with the Ministry of Education and located in Irbid governorate during the academic year 2011/2012. Raven's Matrices Test was developed especially for the Environment of Jordan and then applied on the sample pointed out to in order to identify the intelligence's level among the students. Arithmetic means, standard deviations, T-Test were calculated. In order to examine the study questions, an analysis of variance (One Way- ANOVA) was used, while Scheffe test was used to find out Post Hoc comparisons. The Study findings revealed that the intelligence's level of gifted students was "high" and "very high" while the intelligence's level of ordinary students was "above average", "average", and "low". Furthermore, the findings suggest that no statistically significant differences were found regarded to sex variable on the intelligence's level among gifted and ordinary students as well as it indicated the presence of statistically significant differences regarded to the variable of mothers' qualification were it was in favor of the category of mothers who hold academic degrees ( high studies, bachelor, diploma) over mothers who hold lower education (General Secondary Certificate and below).

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