Determinants of Home Delivery among Hausa in Kaduna South Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Nigeria
Folashade B. Okeshola, Ismail T. Sadiq

Utilization of maternal health services is associated with improved maternal and neonatal health outcomes. There are global and national interests in the Millennium Development Goal and Nigeria’s high level of maternal mortality. Understanding the factors affecting maternal health use is crucial. Studies on the use of maternal care services have largely overlooked community and other contextual factors. This study is set to find out the determinant factors associated with home delivery; examine the socio-demographic attributes of those women who delivered at home and to know the risk factors associated with home delivery. Therefore, Effective interventions to promote maternal health service utilization should target the underlying individual, household, community and policy-level factors. The interventions should reflect the relative roles of the various underlying factors.

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