Exploiting the Vocational Interest of the Nigerian Child for Informed Choice of Vocational Careers
EDU, David O.; EDU, Grace O.

Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural and human resources including vocational talents and callings. There are some persons in the society who are naturally endowed with vocational talents but may never have the opportunity to develop them. Such talents may remain undiscovered and undeveloped unless opportunities are created. It is the opinion of the writers that Government and other interested developmental agencies ought to embark on massive talent-hunt, beginning with children at the elementary level of education so as to tap the rich human resources the nation is so-blessed with. This article seeks to highlight the problems associated with early detection and development of vocational skills in children which include, late awareness of the importance of Vocational/Technological Education in Nigeria, failure to identify vocational talents in early childhood education, lack of follow-up of children’s vocational callings and misconceptions about vocational education. Attempt was also made to identify some implications of these problems for education in Nigeria. The article finally proffers suggestions for improvement in the early identification and development of talents in technology education especially at the elementary level.

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