The Historical and Cultural Monuments as Recreational Reserves in Guba-Khachmaz Economic Region of Azerbaijan
Arzu Hasmammadova

Tourism as most beneficial economic activity has been rapidly developing in the Republic of Azerbaijan in recent years, and this process is continuing as well. The increasing role of tourism potential on international scale finds its reflection in growth of trips made by visitors to this country. The development of different kinds of recreational business, assistance made for small- and medium ownerships, and also creation of modern tourism infrastructure considerably influence on amount of investments in tourism industry of Azerbaijan. The 2011 year has been declared as "The year of tourism" in the country. Different ways of development of tourism, improvement of services in this area, training of professional specialists, solution of visa problem, creation of new touristic routes and city tours, and other issues were at the center of government's attention. In 2011, Azerbaijan were visited by 1836226 persons. The number of incomes from tourism made 966,3 thousand Azeri manat (about $ 760 thousand) or 59,5% much more than that of 2010. The territory of Azerbaijan is of great interest for tourists not only due to natural condition but also cultural objects with long history. This paper is devoted to historical and cultural recreational reserves of Guba-Khachmaz, one of the most developed touristic regions of Azerbaijan.

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