Social Intelligence in the Context of Personality Traits of Teachers1
Paed Dr. Zuzana Birknerová, doc. PhDr. Miroslav Frankovský, Mgr. Lucia Zbihlejová

Social intelligence as a personality trait as well as a performance characteristic may be regarded as an important social competence of a teaching profession and a significant predictor of successfulness of a teacher in their profession. This report focused on an analysis of the interconnections amongst social intelligence and the essential personality traits of teachers. The results of the presented research, which were gained by means of the sample of 552 teachers, confirmed that the social intelligence factors are connected to the personality traits of these teachers. The findings also enabled specification of the differences in the responses of the male and female teachers. From the methodological point of view the results of the presented research contributed to the verification of the basic parameters of the evolving SIPS methodology for detecting social intelligence as a personality trait.

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