Crisis Preparedness System, Crisis Experience and an Assessment Concerning the Characteristics of the Organisations: Evidence from Turkey
İlknur Taştan Boz, Derman Küçükaltan

This study aims to analyse and compare crisis preparedness system, crisis experience and characteristics of 6 big companies that operate in different sectors in Turkey. For this reason, primarily crisis preparedness system is determined. In this regard, the main factors that determine crisis preparedness phases of the companies are (1) determining the dangers of crisis and crisis management team, (2) information and communication activities, (3) efficiency and innovation in the activities. As organization characteristics sector, foundation year, number of employees, the situation of being a public company, and fund ownership are taken into consideration. In this study using qualitative research methods, a thorough analysis of each organization is carried out. Among the results of the researches, it was observed that crisis preparedness phases of the companies that were examined change according to their characteristics. It was observed that the more the companies experience crises the further they are prepared for future crises. However, there was not a relation between the capacity of the companies and their preparedness for the crises. Considering the crises that the companies experienced, it was observed that they were much better at preparing for a time of crisis.

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