Organizational Social Asset and Firm Competitiveness in the Nigerian Telecommunication Sector
Christopher Akpotu; Ikechukwu, F. Asiegbu; Tamunosiki-Amadi, Jasmine

The increased level of competitiveness amongst firms requires incisive and strategic organizational attempts at unveiling all such organizational based actions and behaviours that impede goals. In view of this, the value configuration of organization referred as social asset (Banga, 2006) is considered as strategic organizational strength for competitiveness and this survey had systematically examined the influence of social assets like trust, reciprocity and cohesiveness and their influence on firm competitiveness. Through a cross-section survey approach the study generated data and analysed. A strong link was found to exist between social assets and firm competitiveness, thus, the imperative need for social asset development has been stressed, as managerial actions at encouraging social relations that supports positive organizational climate and should be considered strategic.

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