Effect of Online Registration on Exam Performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Enrolment. A Case of Sotik District, Kenya
Odero, Tom Akal; Dr. Oloko, Margaret A.

The purpose of the research study was to evaluate the head teachers’ perception of online registration on Exam performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education enrolment. A census of all the 35 secondary schools in the district was used to gather the necessary information to be used in the study. The data obtained was coded, tabulated and analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result shows that most of the respondents had been in their current school for less than 3 years. The results also indicate 88% of the respondents preferred online registration while 9% of the respondents showed preference for manual registration. It was established that online registration has reduced multiple registrations and impersonation cases in KCSE Examination. The results identified Pin rejection, no feature to go back and log in difficulty as some of the challenges respondents face during online registration.

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