Print Media Language: Contributing to the Stereotypical Portrayal of Pakistani Women
Zahida Mansoor

The study examines the perceptions formed through the media texts, in the English print media in Pakistan. Highlighting attitudes towards women, developed in part due to the language content in the newspapers, the relationship between portrayal of women by the print media and existence of gender bias in the language content, in an effort to understand and explain the need to create a foundation for change in the print media language content. Data was collected through self-administered questionnaire, content analysis of selected English language daily Newspapers and face-to-face journalistic interviews. Articles related to women issues published in leading English newspapers were also analyzed. The statistical tools of the Independent Samples Test and Paired Samples Test were used to determine differences in perceptions of males and female readers formed by the language content of the English Newspapers. The data revealed that the issues related to women in Pakistani society remain generally ignored or downplayed. The overwhelming emphasis on Pakistan’s patriarchal identity continues to overshadow women. The study is an attempt to trigger a debate and to encourage further research on studies aimed at the critique and revision of gender stereotypes and gender prejudices in the print media.

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