The Relationship Between Psychological Contracts and Organizational Justice: A Case Study in Accommodation Establishments
Hakan KOÇ, Burcu KOÇ, Ceren AVCI

To understand how emloyees feel as a citizen of the organization they work, it is necessary to refer and examine term of organizational justice. Organizational justice behavior may emerged with influence of the pschological contracts in operations. This study aims to measure the relationship between psychological contracts and organizational justice in accommodation establishments. According to the results; it was identified that bachelor degree graduate employees’ perception level of psychological contracts is more positive than the highschool degree employees’. Furthermore, perception level of organizational justice of the employees, have bachelor degree graduate, is more positive than the highschool degree and illiterate employees’. On the other hand; it is remarkable that the employees who work at the food & beverage department has most negative perception about psychological contracts and organizational justice.

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