Assessment of Counselling Needs Related to Mathematics Performance among Secondary School Students in Maara District, Kenya
Monicah Buyatsi Oundo, Dr. Veronica K. Nyaga, Dr. Hillary K. Barchok, Mary Murangi Mureithi

Dismal performance in mathematics by students has continued to curtail their admission into strategic professional courses both at midlevel colleges and universities. Therefore, this study sought to assess counselling needs related to mathematics performance among secondary school students in Maara district in Kenya. The study examined counselling needs regarding attitudes, study methods and test taking skills related to mathematics performance and determined whether statistically significant differences existed between psychological intervention requirements and mathematics counselling needs among the secondary school students. Descriptive survey research design was used for the study. The target population was 12,371 students from the 48 secondary schools in Maara district. Questionnaires were used to obtain the required data. The study findings indicated that secondary school students had mathematics counselling needs in relation to attitude, study methods and test taking skills for which psychological intervention was necessary.

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