Toward a Functional Citizenship Education Curriculum in Nigerian Colleges of Education for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century
Eyiuche Ifeoma Olibie, Lilian-Rita Akudolu

This study was carried out to identify basic components of civic awareness, civic knowledge and civic dispositions needed by youths in two Colleges of Education in Anambra State of Nigeria as a basis for a functional Citizenship Education curriculum. Three hundred students were randomly chosen from the two Colleges of Education in Anambra State. A 50-item questionnaire survey method was utilized based on five research questions. Findings indicated that in the perceptions of the students, it is ideal to incorporate several civic components, skills and dispositions into the citizenship education curriculum. Recommendations were made for revamping of the citizenship education curriculum in Colleges of Education in line with the identified civic components, skills and dispositions so as to ensure the establishment of education for sustainable development in the country.

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